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LLC “Analytical Research Bureau for Nuclear Power Plant Safety” (ARB) is the Ukrainian nuclear engineering company dealing with state-of-the-art analyses in the field of justification and enhancement of safety of nuclear power plants, other nuclear facilities and complex industrial facilities.

It has been established and staffed by the nuclear safety engineers of the former subsidiary of the State Scientific and Technical Center on Nuclear and Radiation Safety (SSTC), the TSO for the Ukrainian regulatory authority. The core of the company staff is composed of the nuclear scientists and engineers with previous experience of employment at NPPs, in specialized design institutions, at the regulatory body and its TSO, in National Academy of Science. ARB has a qualified engineering staff with unique combination of practical experience in providing technical support to the regulatory authorities and conducting analytical studies for the nuclear operators in Ukraine and abroad.

Activities of Analytical Research Bureau for Nuclear Power Plant Safety are mainly related to nuclear facilities:

• Nuclear power plants;

• Research nuclear reactors and facilities;

• Spent fuel storage facilities;

• Nuclear fuel cycle facilities;

• Radioactive waste management.

The company products are expert and consulting services; research and developments; design works; analytical and computational studies in the area of safety assessments for potentially hazardous industrial facilities.

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